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Here at MJ Concrete Flooring Pros, we make it our priority to provide our clients with the most durable and beautiful concrete floor coatings they could ever hope for. The professionals here at MJ Concrete Flooring Pros are highly trained individuals with years of experience in the field. They’ve handled different real-world situations and a wide range of design variations that have enabled them to serve our clients with satisfaction.

These aspects together make us one of the foremost concrete flooring service providers in Salem. Our craftsmanship, experience, and dedication to excellent customer service are what make our concrete coatings one of the best services in this industry.

Whether you need Concrete coatings for your homes or businesses, our company is here to help. We offer various coatings such as 

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    Concrete Coating Installation

    MJ Concrete Flooring Pros understands how important your time is, especially if you own a business that requires a durable and shiny new concrete coating. We make it a commitment to use high-quality materials through a meticulous process that is both effective and swift. This ensures that our installation causes minimal intrusion to your business or day-to-day lives. This is what separates our company from others out there. We make it a mission to provide the best customer service possible in everything that we do.

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    What Coating Is The Best For You

    A lot of factors can affect the best possible solution for your concrete floor coatings. For example, in industrial environments like those of factories, the concrete floors are subjected to day-to-day wear and tear by machines and workers. That’s why we recommend coatings that are more on the durable side and do not require frequent maintenance to avoid any intrusion in day-to-day activities. On the other hand, residential homes are a less busy environment, which is perfect for coatings that lean towards aesthetics. We usually recommend beautiful designs and durable coatings for residential clients. Here are other things to keep in mind when choosing a coating.

    Condition Of The Concrete: Double-checking your concrete floors before electing a type of coating is absolutely essential. Different types of coatings have different thicknesses, durability, and materials. That’s why it’s crucial to fill in any gaps and repair any damages before our experts apply the coating to ensure that everything is in order.

    Exposure: In our inspection process before the actual coating, we list down possible wear and tear elements that the floor will be exposed to. Things like foot traffic, sunlight, water, and chemical exposure are some of the aspects we take into consideration when recommending what’s the best coating for your floors.

    Location: An essential first thing to keep in mind is your area's conditions or the actual site. A warehouse near the desert would certainly need a different coating to compare to one in an often cold place. Another example is an office that usually only has foot traffic. Daily wear and tear elements would need a different coating to compare to an industry-grade warehouse handling chemicals.

    Call The Foremost  Concrete Coating Company In Salem

    If you need immediate concrete coating services, our company is always here to help you. We are among the most prominent concrete flooring service providers in Salem. When you call us on our hotline, our customer support staff would be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have. They operate 24/7 and will always talk to our clients as a friend. Call us now, and we’ll make your concrete coating dreams come true!

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