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Polished concrete is quickly becoming one of the most popular finishes for concrete floorings. Thanks to its glossy and shiny finish, contractors now have trained themselves in grinding and polishing concrete to achieve the luster every residential or commercial client likes. On top of its glossiness, concrete by itself is one of the most durable and low-maintenance materials used in structures. It's no surprise how polished concrete is now one of the top choices as a finisher for floors.

Here at Concrete Flooring Company Salem, we take pride in our team's achievements and previous polished concrete projects. Over the years in the business. We have cemented ourselves as one of the go-to companies in the Salem area. If you're looking to get your hands on that shiny new concrete floor that you have always been dreaming of, then you have come to the right place.

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    What Exactly Is Polished Concrete?

    The process of installing polished concrete is significantly different from pouring a fresh one. Polished concrete required specialized tools and highly skilled artisans for it to succeed. A lot of grinding and continuous polishing needs to be done to achieve that marble-like gloss.

    Polished concrete is perfect for any type of establishment, most especially for businesses. Polished concrete does not require regular waxing nor maintenance. This makes it ideal for businesses because of its minimal intrusion when talking about daily maintenance.

    Polished concrete is most prevalent in commercial and extensive industrial facilities due to its long life and low maintenance quality.

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    Other Benefits Of Polished Concrete

    Excellent Grip: Contrary to your first impressions, polished concrete actually has a great grip, wet or dry. As long as simple cleaning off any dust dirt is done regularly, this type of finishing has a better grip than a waxed, painted floor at a lower price. Another added benefit is that once a contractor has finished grinding and polishing the floor, it's immediately ready for use.

    Protective Gloss: The luster on polished concrete floors doesn't just look good. It also reflects more light compared to regular ones, which keep the heat off your food. This is one of the secrets of why polished concrete lasts for years to come. Another reason is the reflection of the light inside the warehouse. It creates an ambient lighting effect that helps illuminate your industrial establishments, saving you money from energy bills in the long run.

    Life-time Savings: Polished Concrete's Durability outlasts any other materials used for floors. That's why in the long run, you will save a whole lot more money compared to other materials.

    Easier to clean: All you need is an occasional mopping, and you're done. Polished concretes are naturally resistant to dust and dirt, making them easier to clean.

    Your Local Polished Concrete Experts

    If you ever find your concrete floors looking dull, contact the #1 Polished floor contractor in Salem. With our service, your floors will look classy, be sustainable, and durable, making your residential or commercial establishment new again. Our process involves meticulous tasks from inspection, designing, installation, and maintenance, during the polishing process. Any cracks or slapped areas are fixed by our team that is free of charge.

    Our team of experts and contractors is always up to date on our industry's current trends and strategies. This allows them to create and ensign any pattern that a customer finds good. We will work hand in hand with you in creating the perfect polished concrete flooring you will ever see.

    If you find yourself looking for the best in Salem, then say no more. Call our company, and our customer support staff are always ready to answer your calls. Our phone lines are always open for you 24/7 to answer any questions and queries you might have. Call us, and let's revolutionize your concrete floors today!

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