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A stamped concrete gives a whole new level of experience for people who own concrete floorings. Aside from being one of the most durable and sustainable flooring finishes, it also is the most decorative. Because of this, stamped concrete slowly made it into residential homes over the years. It was first used to decorate walkways, street sidewalks, and pathways of businesses. But with the recent boom in techniques and design, it has also settled itself as one of the go-to floorings for resigning your home.

Here in MJ Concrete Flooring Pros, our experts honed their craft throughout our business. Backed with several years of experience, we offer our superior concrete flooring service, stamped concrete.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best, if not the best, stamped concrete artisans in Salem/Albany. That's why our contractors are composed of highly trained individuals with proper certifications dedicated to providing you the most elegant stamped concrete service.

Achieving that glorious pathway or flooring for your home or business has never been this easy!

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    Why Our Stamped Concrete Services?

    Regular concrete that is poured horizontally has its merits. It's durable, it's cheaper than brick or other materials, and it lasts a long time, But one thing that elevates it is the options for finishes.

    Our team will work hand in hand to create the perfect design that suits your house or business. Our team has developed different patterns over our years of experience dealing with various projects. Some designs imitate expensive materials like bricks and stone, while others prefer a branding or a unique pattern that uplifts their businesses' brand. One thing is for sure. You lead our stamped concrete services, our clients. That's the cream of the crop; our services are custom-tailored for each client.

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    The Benefits Of Using Stamped Concrete

    Easier To Install And Less Intrusive: Since Stamped concrete is a decorative formation formed from poured concrete, it takes less time and effort to install it. This minimizes any intrusion or disturbance in your business or home. Compared to other surface materials such as stone, stamped concrete requires less maintenance as well and will last you several years without any problem.

    Easy To Preserve: Compared to other traditional flooring finishes such as wood or tiles, stamped concrete doesn't require that much cleaning and maintenance. Unlike other materials that come off quickly over the years, concrete remains intact and solid without causing any problem.

    A great example is bricks that, if it's not maintained correctly, the adhesive material or concrete used below may come off. This material becomes a tripping hazard when that happens.

    A Plethora Of Designs: Most flooring materials of finishes restrict you from customizing or designing your floors. Stamped concrete, on the other hand, is very customizable. Stamped concrete can even be molded to imitate different flooring finishes such as slate, tiles, wood, or brick.

    While most people would often equate stamped concrete as floor finishings, this type of concrete finish can also be used as a decorative element for outdoor landscaping. It can be molded into beautiful pathways, gorgeous planter boxes, and even fire pits to overall complement your lawn.

    The Preferred Stamped Concrete Contractors

    Anything is possible with our company by your side. We'll work hard and fast to help you chive the perfect finishing on your floors. If what you want is intricate woven bricks design, our team can do it. If you prefer a personalized stamp or pattern, Concrete Flooring Salem can do it. Anything that you can think of, our experts are ready to make that a reality.

    If you ever want to have an outstanding stamped concrete design that wows people, call us at 971-290-1595. Our customer support team is always on standby to answer any questions or inquiries you might have. We'll make your dream flooring into a reality.

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